8 benefits of switching to HubSpot

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If you’ve already got a CRM that works for your business, you might be tempted to say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” This is where we disagree. You work with your CRM every day; it’s important that you get the most from it.  

Wurkhouse are Northern Ireland’s leading HubSpot Partner, but primarily we are a creative agency, we tested HubSpot as our CRM before implementing to ensure it was the best fit for our team and our clients.  

Here are 8 benefits of switching to HubSpot. 


1. Multiple platforms under one roof 

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM for all your marketing and sales needs. Forget the struggle of trying to juggle multiple different platforms, with HubSpot you can do everything from lead generation, content creation, pillar page design all under the one roof.  

Marketing Hub: Create and schedule content and develop inbound campaigns that flow seamlessly.  

Sales Hub: Automate your sales processes and use the deal boards function for maximum efficiency. Use lifecycle properties for deeper insights into your target audience and their habits.  

CMS Hub: Easy to create website pages for those of all technological abilities.  

Service Hub: Use the service Hub to gather customer feedback and develop deeper relationships with your customer base.  

With clean UX, HubSpot is easy to navigate for teams with various levels of technology abilities.  


2. HubSpot is flexible to fit your needs 

Every company will have different goals, whether this is brand awareness, brand authority or generating new leads, the CRM you use should be flexible to grow with your business and as your goals change.  

With HubSpot you can tailor the platform for your needs, purchase hubs altogether or choose what you would like access to, you can even use features like custom objects to create a platform that really works for you and your business. You can always add in or remove elements as required.  

With so many CRMs out there, all claiming to meet your needs, it can be difficult to know what's the best fit for your business. We reviewed marketing automation Pardot to determine which platform would offer more functions and overall was a better CRM.  Check out our blog HubSpot vs Pardot, to see why we believe HubSpot comes out on top. 


3. Delivers the best inbound marketing strategy  

Having a successful inbound marketing strategy is key to building meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers and potential prospects.  Your inbound strategy should be built around three core objectives: attract, engage and delight.  

HubSpot has developing tools to help push your strategy along at every stage. With a HubSpot campaign checklist, you can be assured your strategy reaches potential customers no matter where they are on the customer journey.

Attract your audience by creating content using the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Create blogs, pillar pages and social posts that provide value to your target audience.  

Use Chatbots and email campaigns to engage with your customers.  With segmentation tools available on HubSpot, you can create campaigns with different key messaging for different target audiences.  

Delight your customers by asking for feedback via chatbots or create custom forms using HubSpot.  

Need to brush up on your Inbound Strategy skills? HubSpot Academy offers an extensive range of training courses and resources including certified courses in Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Strategy.  


4. Detailed reports at your fingertips 

Using the HubSpot Reports tool, you can view all the standard reports within your account and create custom ones. Customise what metrics you want to report on, from traffic source to click-through rate, downloads of content offers, to deliver a report with metrics that matter to you and your results 

Download reports and easily share with members of your team or clients.  


5. Integration capabilities 

What set’s HubSpot apart from other competitors out there is its integration capabilities. HubSpot allows for seamless integration with popular apps such as Shopify, Slack and Survey monkey.  HubSpot have created a directory complied with software integrations available here.

Integrating apps into one platform makes for more efficient and effective processes.  


6. Content creation and scheduling  

HubSpot’s Marketing tools allows for content creation and scheduling all in the one platform. Sync HubSpot up to your social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and schedule your content for automatic posting. HubSpot even provides suggested times to post content. HubSpot’s Calendar allows for a clear view of what’s been scheduled and what’s been published.  

Under the marketing hub, users can create blog posts with the option of adding in relevant images, CTAs and will be promoted to optimize the blog for optimum SEO results. Published blogs can then be promoted to social channels without having to log in to any additional platforms.

Learn more about migrating your CMS to HubSpot


7. Create personalised workflows 

Nurturing leads is an important part of lead generation. Building trust and adding value to your target audience will be what turns them from prospects to customers.   

HubSpot’s workflow capabilities allows its users to create workflows from scratch. Workflows are easy to build, and each stage is fully customisable. Automated emails can be created and sent out once the contacts trigger a specific action.  


8. Attention grabbing CTA’s  

HubSpot allows for users to create their own call-to-action buttons (CTAs). Create CTA’s that reflect your company brand and instantly grab the attention of your target audience. Use CTA’s to encourage your target audience to take action and attract leads.  

You can also A/B test your CTA’s, so you'll know over time which CTAs led to a better conversion rate. Monitor your CTAs for a deeper analysis on views and click-through rates.  


When changing your CRM, it's normal to have questions or concerns. Check out our 5 common HubSpot Concerns blog for more information on why switching to HubSpot is the best decision for you and your business.

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