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5 Common HubSpot Concerns Answered

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With their all-in-one advanced marketing and sales features, HubSpot is a uniquely positioned software to help small, medium and enterprise companies grow. Investing in HubSpot provides the sophistication, flexibility, efficiency and growth opportunities that forward thinking companies need to succeed and grow. However, we understand that making a decision on the optimum software (or getting buy-in from directors) can be a tricky task.

In recent years, we've heard first hand the concerns and objections from marketing professionals and company directors when it comes to implementing HubSpot.

With the majority of apprehensions misguided, we've compiled five of the most common concerns along with explanations for each to help your understanding and alleviate any preconceived notions about the workings of HubSpot.

Will the return outweigh the costs?

One of the most common concerns about implementing HubSpot tends to be cost. ‘Will the return outweigh the costs?’, ‘Is there room in this year’s marketing budget?’; just some of the feedback we hear from prospects interested in the software. The problem is often that business owners and marketing directors fail to consider the value they will get for the price of the software.

Bear in mind, HubSpot is an all in one system including slick marketing automation, valuable sales and reporting functionalities, CRM and support.


Does HubSpot have the reporting capabilities we need?

‘Does HubSpot have the reporting capabilities we need?’. Bearing in mind that HubSpot started out as just a marketing automation software, the importance of accessing and leveraging data to optimise performance was a basic feature for marketers. However, since the introduction of advanced sales features, reporting capabilities have too progressed.

The upgraded reporting tools means that HubSpot users can now build and structure custom reports on a single data set, across data sets, funnels or pipelines and attribution allowing companies to track, monitor and report the data that matters most to them.


Is HubSpot a secure platform?

Most companies are naturally concerned about the security of their marketing and sales data and how safe the HubSpot platform is for hosting their blog. Thankfully, HubSpot take multiple steps to ensure the upmost safety of customer data and to excel in offering a safe CMS for their customers websites.

HubSpot have a number of initiatives in place to help secure your website, with SSL included, a dedicated security team, continuous updates and sophisticated anomaly detection. Data protection is also prioritised with continuous data backups, in transit encryption and physical security protections.


You’ll find more information on HubSpot’s security here:


What happens if I want to downgrade my account or leave HubSpot in the future?

Changed your mind and want to downgrade to a free HubSpot account? Don’t worry! You will lose your access to the paid tools and features, but you can save all your hard work.

Make sure to export all your content and data before making the switch, including website data, files, URL redirects, reports, sitemaps, workflows and more. While it will take time, it’s a pretty straightforward process.


Is HubSpot a scalable solution for my business?

Worried that you won’t be able to upgrade your HubSpot account as your business grows? Don’t! The HubSpot software solutions are optimised to enable scalability for ambitious companies.

Whether you start on a free plan, marketing hub starter or professional, you can easily transition into enterprise level plans as your business operations increase without worrying about a platform migration!

Learn more on how HubSpot offers better scalability than Pardot



Final thoughts...

There we have it, five of the most common concerns we've heard from companies interested in HubSpot. Ring any bells? Often times, misconceptions around a software can cause unnecessary objections. It's important to educate yourself on all the platforms features, especially those most important to your business goals. 

Still unsure about Hubspot? As an accredited HubSpot partner, we'd love to help you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.



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