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How To Use HubSpot's CRM To Increase Sales

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HubSpot's CRM is one of the most powerful and flexible customer relationship management platforms out there today for small to large organisations.

Here are some of the ways that you can use the HubSpot CRM to increase sales for your business:


Segment Contacts

Segmenting your prospects is one of the best ways to nurture your leads through your funnel until they become your client. HubSpot's CRM can segment leads based on personas so that you can follow up with emails and messaging that resonate best with them.

By segmenting your list you can use workflows to bring those prospects through your funnel.

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Track Prospects On Your HubSpot CRM

HubSpot offer a useful prospecting tool to track those who have not converted to a lead on a form on your website.

HubSpot's tracking code is able to detect the IP address from each page view and collects publicly available information about the IP address of the visitor. This is vital information for your marketing and sales as you can better understand what industries your visitors are from and perhaps help you understand why they are not converting. This is the type of solution that LeadForensics offer. Some sales teams have concerns about HubSpot when switching from LeadForensics, that they will not get this level of information about prospects. HubSpot does however match the abilities of such prospecting tools.


How do I find prospects in HubSpot?

Like a lot of things in the HubSpot interface, finding your prospects is very easy. Here are the simple steps to find prospects:

1) In your Hubspot account, go to your search bar, enter "Prospects" and click the search icon


2) The prospects category will then appear. Click on the prospects category and then it will bring you to your prospects section of your HubSpot sales CRM.

prospects in Hubspot


Find Money You're Leaving On The Table

As your CRM HubSpot, it is important that you continue to nurture leads that are the right fit to become your customer. The HubSpot CRM will help you identify and keep track of those prospects that need more nurturing to move down the funnel.

Within the HubSpot dashboard, you can sort your prospects to get an idea of who have not been contacted in a while. This is a good tactic for sales managers to keep up to date with your contacts and where your prospects are in your funnel.


Learn How To Improve From Lost Deals

You are not going to win every deal from the proposals that you send out. With HubSpot's CRM, however you can better evaluate what could have been done better in those lost deals. Instead you can assess those losses and look at how you can win in future deals.

By recording the reasons for losses in to the loss stage of the CRM, you can review all your previous touch points and set out how those could have been improved. This will help you in your future lead nurturing efforts.

HubSpot's detailed reporting can also provide you with the feedback that you need to better assess your engagements with prospects;

  • Are your contacts engaging with your emails?
  • Are the leads coming from your site the right target market?
  • Were prospects eager to find out more about your product/service?

By reviewing all the information from previous lost deals, you will gain the knowledge required to better nurture your leads going forward. If you work with a HubSpot partner, they too will be able to provide you with added insight.

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Learning From HubSpot CRM Metrics

HubSpot's CRM has a detailed reporting system to allow sales and marketing teams to keep track of data. By creating sales dashboards marketing and sales teams can better manage pipelines, deals and prospects.

HubSpot can also pull in key metrics like MRR and year on year growth making it easier to identify trends and to develop forecasts for sales.

The data that you get from the HubSpot dashboard can also be used to see what sales and marketing activities are generating the best results for the business.

HubSpot will also help you monitor the success of your inbound campaigns. This will allow you to get a better indication of how well your investment in your marketing spend is performing.


Increase transparency between marketing and sales teams

One of the main advantages of HubSpot is the fact that the CRM provides transparency between the marketing and sales teams. While there are separate sales and marketing dashboards within the platform, both teams can see what leads have been generated, what prospects need nurturing and what leads have turned into sales or lost deals. Team performance can also be analysed through HubSpot's reporting system.

If your organisation opts to use the HubSpot CMS, this can also help further enhance the transparency of content used to support the efforts of both sales and marketing.

With the HubSpot CRM, coworkers can simply send links to different areas of the CRM such as contact, company or deal records easily, rather than having to email the personal information of prospects.

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How can the HubSpot CRM help you improve your sales process?

There are many reasons why this CRM can help you improve your sales process, however its the transparency and alignment of sales and marketing teams that improve the vital processes of your organisation.

Leads and sales are what drives revenue for organisations. With the HubSpot CRM, leads and sales information are all centralised allowing for a simple analysis of how each team is performing, what activities are delivering results which can provide a path for growth and scale of any organistion.

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