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The pros and cons of migrating your blog to HubSpot

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If you are using the Hubspot CRM to maximise your leads potential you can migrate your blog to the Hubspot CMS and make the most of the marketing automation platform.


Moving your website to HubSpot CMS – What to expect?

While moving a blog from one CMS to another there can be a risk of losing rankings and traffic. This is the case if you move to a CMS that is not as search engine friendly or if meta titles, metadata and structured data is not brought over, you also run the risk of losing your rankings and traffic which could be detrimental for your business.

The HubSpot CMS, however is and optimised content management system that has search engine rankings and lead generation in mind.


While there are lots of content management systems for blogging, the HubSpot CMS is up there with the best like WordPress in terms of search engine friendliness. Below are a number of pros for using the HubSpot CMS for your blogging and content strategy.


The pros of migrating to the HubSpot CMS

There are a number of pros to migrating your blog to the HubSpot CMS which we will highlight below.


Easily manage Inbound campaigns

One of the benefits of having your blog hosted with HubSpot is the fact that you can easily manage your inbound campaigns. There are a lot of reporting benefits by having using HubSpot for your blog. You can easily measure the success of your inbound campaigns through the plethora of reporting tools on the HubSpot dashboard.

You can manage:


If you had your blog hosted on a blogging platform, to generate the same amount of data and to manage your campaigns, you would have to spend time linking and integrating a number of different tools. With HubSpot, you get all the information you need simply by logging into your dashboard.


SEO friendly blog

One of the most important features of using the HubSpot CMS is the fact that it is search engine friendly. SEO is a key strategy for business blogging and when done right it offers constant lead generation.

The HubSpot CMS has all the necessary features to optimise your blog posts for maximum coverage of Google. The architecture of the CMS has also been refined so that search engine crawlers can easily understand your content and rank it accordingly.



Lightning fast loading times

Not only is page speed a ranking factor but it is also essential for generating leads for your business. The Hubspot CMS is built for speed and the only way to slow it down is by adding large images to the site. The blog will be hosted on HubSpot's own enterprise grade CDN (Content delivery network) meaning visitors get quick and secure access to your content.


Optimised for personalised lead generation

Another benefit of switching to HubSpot is that you can take advantage of smart content to personalise interactions with visitors in terms of the CTA's used, content offers and contact forms.

With Smart content you provide a more personalised experience to your visitors based on their personas which will lead to better results for your lead generation.

All your forms and CTA's  will be updated automatically according to your campaigns meaning you don't have to add them manually each time you post an article. This is a huge time saving advantage for marketing teams. 


CRM And CMS All In One Place

One of the benefits of migrating your blog to HubSpot is the fact that your CMS, CRM reporting and analytics are available in one platform. This offers ease of accessibility for your team  


The cons of migrating to the HubSpot

One of the only concern to migrating your blog away from WordPress in particular is the fact that WordPress is so expansive when it comes to plugins, you may not get the entirety of customisation as you would wish.

HubSpot does allow for a degree of development and customisation but it requires the knowledge of a web developer rather than just installing a plugin.


Would migrating my blog to HubSpot help my business

There is always a worry when you move your site over from one CMS to another, that there would be an adverse effect on your business, however HubSpot's CMS is designed to generate results for your business.

If you are already a HubSpot user, you can generate quality results for your business by implementing the CMS for your blog so that you can maximise your inbound campaigns. You can talk to a partner agency for more advice and reassurance about your blog.

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