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Lead generation techniques and marketing for FinTech businesses

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FinTech marketing continues to boom as companies are becoming more and more aware of the need to create clever ways to generate leads. 

According to Innovate Finance, the UK FinTech sector attracted record investment of $4.9 billion in 2019, surpassing the $3.6 billion previously set in 2018. This constitutes a 27% increase YoY which indicates the future is bright for this market.

With this in mind, FinTech businesses need to be on top of their marketing strategies to gain advantage in a competitive industry. That's why we've listed some of the best lead generation techniques to consider.

Keep an up-to-date blog

For organic search and SEO purposes, maintaining an up-to-date  blog is essential in driving traffic to your site and in turn, quality leads. 

As we've highlighted, FinTech is a continuously changing industry. With new technology and innovative finance, your business needs to show you are staying on top of trends. Hubspot's marketing tools offer great insight into maintaining a blog to supplement your marketing strategy. 

Finding content to write about shouldn't be difficult for a FinTech SEO specialist or content creators in this constantly growing and developing environment - just make sure you keep it fresh and updated to ensure you attract and nurture quality leads. 

In recent times of uncertainty, there's no better time to show you've got your finger on the pulse of what's changing. In creating a strong blogging reputation, you allow users to continuously come back and give a great opportunity to capture subscribers through intelligent CTAs.

Diversify your content through Video

Video content is essential for FinTech businesses in lead generation due to its ability to condense information. 

Although having an up-to-date blog is fantastic for effective SEO, having video content that is both cutting edge and informative is just as important. With so much content available, the availability of FinTech related content in video form is limited. So it's a great way to show off a unique selling point for your content.

The ability to use gated content with your videos is a great way to capture leads also. Having an email requirement in order to see your content means that those with genuine interest will sign up to see content. And due to the nature of FinTech companies, you're increasing your opportunity to segment your audience into quality leads.

Target your Audience

FinTech audiences are extremely specific, however a lot of businesses overlook the need to target their specific audience. With this, running paid ads and look-a-like audiences through Facebook for example are a great way to capture authentic leads.

Learn more in detail about Facebook Ad Audiences.

Creating audience profiles means you can tailor your content for specific audiences and build a persona for which to successfully target a FinTech audience.  

LinkedIn targeting is an ideal way for FinTech businesses to generate quality leads. As LinkedIn offers you a highly targeted gateway and an already engaged audience in business then it's a no-brainer for FinTech companies. 

Read more about LinkedIn targeting

Get Social

Social Marketing is imperative to businesses in 2020 and this is no more so the case than for FinTech. As social media continues to move in different directions and follow different trends, it's the perfect tactic for a similar industry like FinTech.

Creating content suitable for blogging and social channels is great in building reputation, however there are more ways to drive engagement and build leads such as:

  • Social Listening
  • Social graphics
  • CTA buttons on Ads

If you're known to be sharing content from reputable sources, it not only shows you're in the know, but also conscious of spreading relevant information. Add into this clean social graphics and CTAs, and you've got a great social mix of driving leads.

Contribute to the FinTech community

By being a thought leader on guest blogs for financial or technological sites or signing up to seminars on the industry, you are showing your commitment to keeping up to date and also an authority on FinTech.

Not only is giving your opinion on guest sites and comment sections important for lead gen, it also is a great way to draw in traffic to your site if you link back. 

Read more about FinTech Enterprise events happening in 2020.


Starting out as a FinTech business or established in the market, the above lead generation techniques are essential for harvesting and nurturing leads. Whether you're partnered with a FinTech specialist agency or have an in-house team you'll notice that both follow the above rules as great techniques for lead generation. 

With the industry becoming flooded with more and more start-ups and bigger players flexing their muscles, it's vital that you give yourself a head start, and the above is a list of great ways to do so for FinTech.

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