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7 Visual Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2021

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Visual marketing is a key element to inbound marketing success and stimulating engagement with your content, both on social media and your website.

If you are serious about growing your business in 2021, you can improve your content marketing with visuals. Academic studies suggest that visuals are 43% more persuasive when compared to content with just text. 

In this post we look at the 7 visual marketing trends you need to know about in 2021.


1. Video Content

As we are now in a mobile era, video content is much easier to consume than text content when using your smartphone. Including videos in your content is a great way to encourage engagement with your audience.

B2B advertisers should consider creating short video content to grasp the attention of potential customers on platforms such as LinkedIn.



2. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral visual content refers to video and photo content that lasts for only 24 hours. This type of content has become popular through the rise of Snapchat and Instagram stories and adopted by Facebook.

The fact that social media giant Facebook is now using this feature, we can safely say that ephemeral content is going to play an important role for businesses targeting Millennials in 2021.



Snapchat Story




Tip: Stories are a great way for B2B companies to offer consumers a glimpse behind the scenes of their organisation!



3. Interactive Broadcasting

Live broadcasting on Facebook has been around a while now, however, it will become a more prominent form of marketing this year. Instagram have launched a live stream feature that will enable media publishers to increase engagement with users.

Facebook live broadcasts are a great way for marketers to repurpose old blog posts too. By simply switching up the format, you can revive your content, plus you’ll save time on creating new resources!

The authenticity of live broadcasts makes it a prime way to show a more human side to your company and build trust with customers through their content.


4. Augmented Reality

We can expect to see more big brands incorporate augmented reality (AR) to their marketing campaigns in 2021. Brands like IKEA have used AR within their Place app to provide users with an interactive and real life insight to what chosen products would look like in your home.

AR is likely to become more mainstream in the future, however, it will be exciting to see which brands embrace this technology in the coming year.


 Augmented Reality



5. Visual Discovery features

“Visual discovery features” is a phrase that will come to the fore in 2021. Visual discovery features allow you to search for items or products that you have recently seen. Pinterest have already rolled out this feature while Amazon and Facebook are likely to follow suit.

Pinterest’s Lens feature allows users to use the camera on their phone to capture an image of an object and then search for similar items online. This feature could offer huge opportunities for online retailers in the future.


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6. Illustrations

Illustrations offer a unique and authentic visual experience, helping your brand to stand out from your competitors. Less generic than other content forms, illustrations can bring graphics to life.

Many brands have already embraced this type of content. Dropbox for example, redesigned their logo, adding an illustration to really bring it’s visual identity to life. 

We can expect more companies to utilise illustrated graphics within their content, from social media campaigns to blog posts and offline marketing collateral.


7. 360 Degree Visuals

2021 is likely to see a rise in 360-degree visuals for events and even for product images. 360-degree imagery is more engaging and is likely to get more shares on social media. 360-degree product images give you a clearer insight into the product you are considering.

You can create 360-degree photos on Facebook by taking a photo in panoramic mode on your smartphone and uploading it through the Facebook app. When posted on Facebook, you will find the globe icon on the right of the screen to indicate that it is a 360-degree shot.


Visual content marketing is an effective way to increase engagement and brand awareness on both your social media channels and on your website. Consider the above trends to enhance your visual marketing strategy this year.




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