Why you should combine content marketing & PPC

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4 ways great content and PPC work well together


You’re probably used to hearing all the usual Pay Per Click (PPC) tips; improve quality score, choose the right bid strategy and rotate your ads. Yes, these tactics can work, but there’s something that’s often overlooked when it comes to optimising PPC; content. Better still, the relationship is twofold. Great content will not only improve your paid ads, in return, PPC will help drive awareness around your online content.


Let’s dive in and divulge how your business can use content marketing to improve PPC results and maximise content ROI with paid promotion.


Drive traffic fast

Organic marketing can be a slow burner. It takes time to attract your target audience, generate exposure around your content and drive visitors to your website. With countless blog posts published daily, your content is bound to get lost.

At this early stage, PPC ads are a great way to build traffic and familiarise your audience with your brand. The targeted traffic driven from paid promotion will be highly qualified and the ideal visitors you want on your website. 


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Improve your brand exposure

Did you know that paid ads can in fact boost the number of clicks on your organic listings? Recent studies have shown that searchers who initially view paid ads subconsciously remember your business when searching again in the future.

Having more than one listing on a search engine results page (SERP) helps stay top of mind with potential customers and can even make your brand seem more established and trustworthy. Mobile searchers in particular tend to opt for the top search results and paid ads.




Create high converting landing pages

PPC experts specialise in creating optimised paid ad campaigns, but often struggle when it comes to delivering a user-friendly landing page. Paid promotion is a great way to drive clicks through to your landing page, but without great content, it’s unlikely visitors will convert into leads.

Content marketers understand their target audience and what is needed to nurture prospects at each stage of their buying journey. An engaging landing page, compelling copy and a high value offer will encourage visitors to convert.

Bear in mind, just because a searcher clicks on an ad through to your landing page doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to purchase or even speak with a member of your sales team. At this stage, focus on creating a positive experience by offering relevant, valuable content that will attribute to future decisions.



Leverage keyword data

One thing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and PPC have in common is keywords. Using the insights derived from PPC campaigns you can identify which keywords are driving the most website traffic, conversions and sales. It’s also worth analysing high performing ads and incorporate the most effective ad copy to your organic content; blogs, website and landing pages etc.


  • Combine and analyse organic and paid keyword strategies to share the success across all campaigns.
  • Make sure to carry out A/B testing to distinguish which keywords offer the greatest results within each campaign.



Many digital marketers treat PPC, SEO and content marketing as separate entities. Perhaps it's time to integrate your paid and organic strategies to leverage the strengths of each to maximise conversions and overall campaign performance. 


How do you combine your PPC and content campaigns? We'd love to hear your feedback. 



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