6 Ways Hotels Can Use Video Marketing to Increase Sales

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6 ways to use video in hotel marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is video worth?

It’s no surprise that video marketing has been hailed the future of the internet; the power to drive a 157% increase in organic traffic1, coupled with the ability to capture an audience’s attention much more effectively than imagery or text, it really has taken the marketing sector by storm.

Video marketing is so versatile that it can be used for everything from promoting your brand, services or products, engaging with your audience, to building customer rapport. It’s engaging, easy to digest, and easy to share with others.

For hotel marketers, it should be looked at as a first priority when creating strategies to attract bookings. Let’s explore in detail, 6 ways in which you can use video marketing to increase your hotel revenue…


1. Deliver a specific message

Something in particular you want to get off your chest? Video marketing is a great way to deliver a specific message to your customers. Perhaps you want to encourage customers to book direct?

In 2017, Marriot launched  their “it pays to book direct” campaign, which was is a clear example of video marketing success. They used humour to stand out and get their message across…





A compilation video of previous events that were hosted at your hotel is a great way to showcase you as a versatile venue. Include weddings, business functions, birthday celebrations- exhibit different styles and quirky décor ideas that have worked well in the past. Nothing will promote your venue better than real footage of happy customers who have had positive experiences with you.



The hotel business is not just about selling rooms. You’ve got conferencing, weddings, spa facilities, afternoon tea, your restaurant and probably more to boot. Video marketing is a great way to promote these different products and services to specific audiences.

Let’s take weddings for example; A video tour of your hotel and surroundings can make couples fall in love with your premises before they even visit! When couples are in the early planning stages of researching various venues online, it is at this point a video can capture their attention and remain etched in their memory. Making a couple fall in love with your venue before visiting means they will appreciate the beauty of your premises, both inside and out, before viewing it in person. A professionally recorded video can showcase your venue in its entirety through a 360-degree experience, allowing the couple to envisage their wedding day. 


The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin uses high quality video to showcase their venue as the perfect location for weddings.





A 60 second video will tell your guests more about your hotel than anything else they can see or read in the same time. With a video tour, guests have the chance to feel what it’s like to be inside your hotel before they get there; You can transport them to wherever you want to take them, be it walking them through a bedroom suite, serving them dinner in your restaurant, or experiencing the spa.

Blow them away with stunning visuals, trigger their emotions with the power of music, and educate them with voiceovers or animations.

Burj Al Arab virtual tour




Do you find you’re answering the same questions over and over again? If so, you could create a video and use this to address all frequently asked questions about a certain topic. Perhaps you get asked a lot about pricing for weddings, or spa packages or even details on your afternoon tea. Video content would not only answer your FAQs but it is also an engaging way to show what you have to offer.




There’s a lot of value in BTS content; people don’t to connect with brands, they want to connect to other people. It’s a great way to build relationships and trust between you and your customers; Not only does is humanise your company but it shows that you can have fun and that you value and respect your team.

Try shooting BTS footage of your staff setting up for a wedding ceremony or corporate event, showing your audience how you create the perfect finish. This personal insight to your venue is appealing and a fun way to show how the whole event comes together.


Corinthia Hotel timelapse ballroom setup


Once you have your video content, as well as prominently featuring it on your website, be sure to make the most of it by sharing it across your social platforms. Video content is the preferred content format, featuring more and more on user’s feeds. Take Facebook for example, where video posts have 135% higher organic reach than photo posts2.

Video is without doubt one of the best tools to showcase your hotel online. The power of video is naturally engaging, allowing marketers to promote their venue much more effectively than words can describe.


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2Social Bakers


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