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Twitter Marketing in 2020: What you need to know

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As a marketing manager you probably already know that Social Media has pushed itself to the forefront of consumers minds - meaning everything operates through the sphere of a tweet, a status update, a blog post etc etc.


What this therefore means is that Social Media marketing strategies have had to change with time and one of the most challenging platforms for this is through Twitter due to its fast paced nature.


Twitter has grown to become one of the most popular platforms used. Some of the stats to back this up are below:

  • 58% of top brands have over 100,00 followers on Twitter.
  • 92% of companies tweet more than once a day.
  • 42% tweet 1-5 times a day, and 19% tweet 6-10 times a day.
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets.
  • The average Twitter user follows five businesses.

The above stats point to how vital it is to ensure you are engaging in twitter marketing correctly in 2020. The final point being testament to businesses engaging in Twitter marketing, and we've compiled a list to make sure you're doing it right this year.


Customise your brand

The great thing about Twitter is that it's a pretty much free form platform for expressing yourself. Which is ideal for a marketing manager operating a social media campaign.


So, when someone looks at your company’s Twitter profile, you want them to automatically know it’s yours. 


With this in mind you can customise the following:

  • Handle - (Username)
  • Bio
  • Profile Picture
  • Header
  • Web URL

Which can all be accessible directly when someone accesses your account - doing this in enough detail to capture your audience is vital to success in Twitter Marketing.


Push traffic to your site

Having an online Twitter presence is all well and good if you're creating engaging content to your followers. But if you don't convert your engagements into genuine traffic to your site then there's not much point!


As mentioned above, adding a link in your bio, followed by adding links to site in your content means you can easily convert and is a perfect way to drive traffic to site from Twitter.


Pro tip: For driving traffic to your site is pinning tweets to the top of your feed - meaning its constantly on view to potential customers.



Compress your audience with Twitter Lists

Another great tool that you can use for Twitter marketing is the availability to compress your audience into segregated lists for content. 


In doing so you have the availability to cut out a lot of noise and time wasted directing your content to unnecessary audiences.


This also lets you refine your content to selected audiences and drive authentic traffic.


Pro tip: Segment your lists into groups such as business inspiration, competitors, and target audience so you’re able to easily review their posts, interactions, and content.


Twitter Ads & Keywords

Twitter Ads is a great option if you’re using different types of tweets to achieve one goal for your business.


Using promoted tweets, keyword targeting and other services within Twitter lets you cast your marketing net that bit wider.


Your business can decide between different objectives when it comes to your Twitter ads including app installs, video views, and website conversions, as well as audience targeting for your campaigns.


Making sure you're running keyword targeting alongside your ads means that marketing on Twitter in 2020 is a lot more bespoke.


In doings so you allow yourself the opportunity to reach your target audience at the exact time your business, content, and services are most relevant to them.


Twitter moments

One of the more modern features of Twitter and rarely utilised by companies looking for organic growth is Twitter moments. 


Therefore it's vital that you grasp the opportunity to get ahead of the competition by using moments for you Twitter marketing campaign.


Twitter Moments are collections of tweets about a specific topic or event. They’re like a “best of” collection of tweets regarding your topic of choice.


Pro tip: Use with your marketing tactics by providing your business with an engaging way to promote the discussion of specific topics


Get verified

Twitter verification was one of the most social channels to allow users to put a stamp of approval on your account.


Twitter states they typically only accept requests for account verification if you’re in “music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.


So for marketing campaigns this can be a difficult hurdle to tackle if you're only starting out on your social campaign on Twitter. Although if you want to take a campaign to the next level, it's a must!


A verified account also makes your business look more legitimate and trustworthy.


Pro tip: Being verified prevents your audience members from following and being confused by impersonator accounts or accounts with similar content, usernames, and handles to yours.


Be original!

And last but not least, it goes without saying that your content needs to stand out no matter what. This is especially the case if you're operating in the very competitive sphere of Twitter marketing. 


Being creative and up to date with your offering, following industry trends, utilising the tools in Twitter Ads and providing constant flow of contact are all great ways to improve your Twitter marketing in 2020.

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