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The best digital marketing tools you should be using right now

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At times working in marketing can feel like you’re juggling multiple different hats. From content creation, email marketing, proofing, and designing, it can be overwhelming to produce content that’s reactive, engaging and high-quality 

 Work smarter, not harder.  Whether your goals are traffic conversion or organic growth, here’s recommend tools used and raved about by marketers that will help make your life that little bit easier. 

Social Media management  

Social Media is the prime place to be engaging with your customers and finding out what your customers really think of your product/service. Social media is where you want to build your brand awareness and help convert your audience into customers.  

From Instagram to, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and the increase in video platforms such as TikTok it's impossible to manage, publish, optimize and analyse your social media efforts without a social media management tool of some sort. 

Use tools such as Hootsuite and Smarterqueue to help plan, create and schedule your content. Using these platforms, you can sync up your socials and batch create your content, giving you time to focus on other areas of your marketing strategy.  



Wurkhouse is a one-stop shop for your marketing needs with a team of talented graphic designers in house, but we know not everyone is as lucky as us to have designers on hand.  

Canva has been praised for it’s ability to create social posts, presentations, infographics and more. Users can create and save brand guidelines and colours to easily create posts that are reflective of your brand. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator might seem scary at first but with practice, these tools will help you create stunning. high quality images that your audience will want to share across social.  

If Canva isn’t for you, check out BeFunky or Visme.  



Hubspot acts as an all-in-one machine that manages, measures, and improves the entire process of digital marketing. HubSpot is so much more than a CRM tool, as it also offers functions for email campaigns, lead nurturing and can create landing pages your customers will want to revisit again.  

Create, schedule, and review the performance of your content in HubSpot’s Marketing section where analytics can be pulled in real-time.  

Wurkhouse are Northern Irelands only Platinum certified agency, interested in finding out more about HubSpot? Speak to a member of our team.  


Email Marketing 

In a recent study of 1,000 small business owners, email marketing was ranked as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness1 .  Email marketing is a cost-effective way to put content directly in front of your target audience. 

With email marketing tools such as HubSpot Campaigns and MailChimp you can create personalised email campaigns as part of your lead generation strategy.  Nurture your prospects with insightful content, tips or promotions and deals and continue to develop your relationship with your prospects. 

Both tools have the functionality to track and provide metrics on email performance. Click-through rate, open rate and top clicked links will provide insight into what work's well and what could be improved so you can continue to adjust your content for your audience. 


Getting on that first page on Google may be a key goal for many businesses out there, but for people new to SEO it may be tricky to find out how to get there.  

Invest in a good SEO tool to help improve your search rankings, like SEMRush and Moz.  

Use SEO tools to track the position of your priority keywords and look for new keywords that are relevant to your business.  

SEO Tools can also be used to find out about your current ranking and which question queries lead users to your website. Knowing your ranking can help with SEO Goal setting, also once you know what queries lead users to your website you can build out more detailed content on this topic. 

Wurkhouse provide a Free SEO Consultation for a deeper analysis of your website. Book your slot today. 



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