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7 Reasons why Fintech Companies Should use Inbound Marketing

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With the majority of fintech consumers beginning their buying process online, it’s crucial to have an established online presence. The inbound marketing methodology has established itself as the optimum way to gain attention from your target audience, in a way that is less intrusive than traditional marketing.

In this post, we’ll explain the top benefits of inbound marketing for the fintech industry, and how they go hand in hand.


○ Building brand awareness

With content being the cornerstone of a successful inbound marketing campaign, your fintech firm can establish itself and gain recognition online. By publishing eBooks, white papers and blog posts relevant to your customer’s pain points, you can drive quality visitors to your website. If your prospects value the information and find your content interesting, there’s a good chance they’ll share it on their social pages too, further expanding your online reach and brand awareness! The more content you publish, the greater the online reach you will have.


○ Building credibility in the FinTech space

Whether pitching to a prospective client, or presenting for investment, you need to establish the credibility of your USP and the ways it resonates with your audiences.

Inbound marketing eliminates disruptive advertising and allows you to win over the trust of potential clients. By focusing on how you can help your buyers; providing them with useful tips, “how to” blog posts and eBooks, you will place yourself in a strong authoritative position.


○ Generate quality leads

Given the highly competitive nature of the fintech industry, generating leads can be especially difficult. However with an inbound marketing strategy, this will be much easier.

The process includes driving quality traffic to an attractive content offers, via optimised landing pages, well-placed CTA’s and user-friendly forms; all of which enables you to gather important prospect information. This info will support your lead nurturing process and sales conversion.


○ Marketing and sales alignment

Marketing and sales are infamously conflicting departments, often with a lack of communication, regardless of the importance of their alignment for business success. Inbound marketing, however, encourages both departments in an engineering firm to join forces by simplifying both their roles. In order for marketers to create content that prospects will find valuable and want to read, input from sales is paramount. The sales department have a deeper understanding of what exactly customers require at the various stages of the buyer’s journey, providing marketers with a much-needed insight to create appealing content. Both sales and marketing teams can then use this tailored content in the four stages of attracting, converting, closing and delighting their customers.

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○ Targeting various buyer personas

Fintech firms have a number of different audiences and industries they want to target. Each of these audiences will have various issues they need help with and will benefit from different content and resource offerings. Inbound marketing enables tailored campaigns for each persona, with targeted blogs, content offers, social posts and automated emails etc. to attract and nurture the relevant audience.


○ Measure & Adapt

Inbound marketing platforms such as HubSpot offer a vast reporting capabilities. You can easily and comprehensively measure key metrics and make changes as you go. Learn from what's working well and what’s not.  


○ Customer retention

Inbound marketing is geared as much toward retaining customers as it is attracting them. A retention strategy will prove to clients that you value their custom. For fintech, this should all be geared around building trust, and proving your service is completely private and completely secure.


Inbound marketing is an essential marketing strategy for the fintech industry. It enables companies to attract valuable leads, in a non-intrusive manner, that traditional marketing methods often fail to achieve. Businesses that cannot be easily found when their target audience begin their buyer research, will undoubtedly be left behind.

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