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5 reasons why FinTech companies should outsource digital marketing

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As one of the fastest growing and constantly shapeshifting markets, FinTech companies can sometimes struggle to keep up with how to reach a customer with a niche product in what is an ever-changing digital marketplace.

So, this is why we recommend leaving it to the experts.

In finding your digital marketing agency to manage your expectations and customer needs, you can cut through the noise and really target your consumer in what is becoming an increasingly competitive and saturated area.

We're going to outline the main reasons why FinTech marketing leaders should consider outsourcing their digital marketing:

1. Understanding your FinTech target audience

It's easy for FinTech companies to become complacent in their targeting, considering that over half of all banking customers turn to FinTech startups for their financial needs. (Survey, Capgemini) 

However, overall trust is still an issue in the market, which is a big consideration for marketers in FinTech. According to the same study, 23.6% of customers say they trust their FinTech provider, compared to 36.6% for traditional firms.

Outsourcing your digital marketing to an experienced agency in FinTech can help you get a wider picture of who your current customer is, but more importantly, how to retain their trust.

2. Cost-effective marketing for your budget

By outsourcing your digital marketing, you can look at the financial technology landscape from a different perspective.

Taking on big financial institutions can be a daunting task, especially if you're a small start-up trying to make waves in the FinTech market.

By allowing a digital marketing specialist to optimise your marketing campaigns, you can stretch costs and tackle your KPIs.

 3. FinTech marketing campaign analysis

By outsourcing your digital marketing, the marketing agency can present you with analysis and reports taking a look at the ROI of your marketing activities.

A digital marketing agency will be constantly optimizing and improving your campaign, which can come in the form of monthly reports, PCAs and audits to name a few looking at key KPIs that matter to you. 

This ensures you gain feedback on campaigns through analysis that saves time and delivers an impartial look at performance.


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4. Expert marketing knowledge

When outsourcing, you gain access to expert industry knowledge as you are dealing with specialists in that particular field, and this holds true for every industry including digital marketing in the FinTech market.

Digital marketing contractors and agencies have a great breadth of experience due time and effort they spend researching, creating and analysing campaigns and staying up-to-date with latest tools, trends and insights making them the perfect match for the fast-paced FinTech market.

By outsourcing you can pick and choose the digital marketing agency that's right for you and what you are trying to archive, based on their offering, previous campaigns and testimonials.

5. Expertise and input from different marketing departments

By outsourcing your digital marketing you give an outside agency the opportunity to involve more departments in the process, allowing for more input creatively and resourcefully. 

The FinTech industry is booming with plenty of new startups, in addition to the already established companies, which means even more data for agencies to analyse and get insights from in order to help improve your campaigns.

Outsourcing a FinTech digital marketing agency allows new and existing companies, regardless of size, to make the most of a changing landscape and gain impartial, cost-effective insight into digital marketing trends for FinTech companies.


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